Cheap Koozies

Between paying for the band and all those napkins, you probably have little money left for party favors, huh? Not to worry! You have come to the right place! Our products are are economical, fun, and serve as great memorabilia for your friends and family! Let us help you design memorable cheap koozies for your upcoming event!


And let’s face it, planning parties is never an easy task. Whether you pride yourself on being the perfect host, or hostess – there is always that dreadful to-do list, including the laborious tasks of choosing the right nachos, creating an event on facebook, plus, what will you wear? We are unable to help you in the fashion department – BUT CMK has got you covered with Personalized Cheap Koozies.

Kline CN Art

Stay on budget when you buy our awesome kuzis. Save money and still provide wonderful keepsakes when you shop at CMK. Our magical koozies help you do more on a budget! Show your guests your appreciation for their attendance by handing out favors to commemorate the grand event. Whether it is your wedding, bachelor party, or birthday!  Let us help you throw  the greatest party out there!

Fun Koozie
You got the drink, We got the cheap koozies!

Collapsible Fabric
collapsible fabric
Collapsible Neoprene
collapsible neoprene
Zipper Neoprene
zipper neoprene
Foam Koozie
foam koozie
Zip-Up Fabric
zip up fabric
Water Bottle Koozies
Photograph Bottle Koozies
Photograph Can Koozies
Novelty Koozies