Why Koozies?

Not only are koozies fun and customizable – BUT – science proves that beer coozies keep condensation from forming on the outside. Bottom line: Beer Coolies guarantee cool beers in the summer, and protection in the winter!

1. Beer koozies serve as great souvenirs! Whether you are getting married, retired, or simply throwing a mega bash… because – why not? Koozies are economical, fun, and serve as great memorabilia!

2. Tying the knot, need a shot? CMK makes your bachelorette/bachelor party a fun group outing! Personalize your koozies, with dates, quotes, names… go crazy! And remember, what happens with a koozie stays with a koozie!

3. CMK amp up ANY party and are guaranteed to make any event fun!

4. Koozies are a wonderful way to promote your business! Forget pens! Pens are old news, get with the new! Personalize and customize your koozies with us!  Let us help you design the greatest beer cooler out there.

5. Come up with witty quotes, funny cliparts, or say what you want to say with your favorite song! Whether you are getting married, engaged, retired, or celebrating your 150th birthday… we have you covered! Any day is great to celebrate with koozies!

6. These awesome party favors are perfect for EVERY and ANY occasion! You name it, we are there.

7. They can be used as camouflage – Ever been to a party where most people are constantly yelling things like: “shots, shots, shots” or, “Let’s get wasted.”  And you don’t feel like drinking for multiple reasons, especially if you have yoga the next day! Koozies are ideal to camouflage your non-alcoholic drink without arousing suspicion.

8. I don’t know about you but… I don’t like my hands cold. Thanks to beer coolers, your hands will not suffer frostbite ever again!

9. Do you often times lose your beer? Join the team!  Thanks to our ingenious, personalized party favors, you will not lose your beer ever again! Not only that – but you will be able to identify your Corona in no time. Customized coozies serve as a way to identify one’s beer at a party, where it could easily be confused with look alikes.

10. Make sure to support your favorite teams! Some of the best parties to attend are…. yes! You guessed it! Football parties! Who doesn’t enjoy throwing/attending football parties? Is it the food, the company, THE BEERS? Now that Football season is here, start thinking of creative ways to support your team! Whether you’re watching the game at home, or tailgating at the stadium, get everyone in the spirit with our awesome football designs.

11. Football and beer go hand in hand, like Peanut and butter, and Kim and Kanye!

12. What are you waiting for? Dress up your drink with style and keep it cool with our awesome designs!

What are you waiting for? Dress up your drink with style and keep it cool with our awesome designs!