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Welcome to Customized My Koozies! Thank you for stopping by and reading about us ūüôā CMK¬†is owned by three best friends who made it their mission to never waste beer, again! Ever had those annoying guests walk around the house, holding their beer a bit too tight? Well – ¬†not only are ¬†those guests LAME – but they clearly do not know that their grip¬†makes¬†their beer warm! As the night progresses,¬†¬†you watch the same guests¬†grab more¬†beer and send their perfectly good Corona¬†down the drain because it is too “warm.” Ugh!! ¬†Between you and me, I do not want to see beer go to waste! It hurts my wallet! Either drink it all, or don’t drink it at all! Right after college (what’s up University of Maryland!) we decided that enough is enough! We craft¬†perfectly perfect party favors for everyone! Here at CMK,¬†we don’t waste beer, and you shouldn’t either!

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Whether your event be a wedding, political rally, or your first homecoming dance… we have got your back! The endless quest for the perfect koozie is over! Here at CMK, you will find the perfect¬†coozie¬†for every man, woman, teenager and child. But first things is first, what is a koo-zee?

Like the rest of us, you probably call koozies:¬†beer huggers,¬†huggies,¬†bottle jackets, or my favorite, “the thingy to hold your beer.” ¬†And truth is, no¬†matter what you call your kuzi, or how you spell it, CMK speaks your language! Koozies are made of foam like material and¬†are¬†designed to thermally insulate your drink.¬†That way, your brew doesn’t get¬†warm and remains at a cool temperature, while you do whatever it is that you are doing! Plus, who enjoys a warm ‘hoppy,’¬†anyway? Let’s not forget that kuzis¬†also save your fingers from freezing in the long¬†winter! And thanks to our many designs, you are guaranteed to drink in style.

Beer huggies are used for a variety of different tasks, besides maintaining the temperature of your drink  Рcold. Companies all over the world, for example, use these magical items to promote their business, using their logo. In fact, koozies are great for any business looking for an additional creative way to get their name noticed and remembered. Forget pens! We have more than enough pens around the house! Coozies are the new pens of the 21st century! Beer Huggies are the perfect party favor, mainly because they are fun, affordable, customize-able and personalize -able!

Remember — ¬†these party favors¬†are not¬†always utilized for alcoholic beverages! Their soft and elastic material allows them to fit ¬†to¬†any beverage your desire. ¬† In fact, you can even use them as mouse pads, and pencil cup holders! ¬†Our personalized can coolies have been designated to keep your hands from getting damp, while keeping your drink cold.¬†Can coolies¬†are perfect for events, especially birthdays, weddings, baby showers, family and¬†high school reunions, anniversaries… should I go on? Whatever event you have in mind, here at CMK, we¬†have you covered!
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collapsible fabric
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collapsible neoprene
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