Let’s talk about your Bachelor/bacherlorette party!

I hear you are getting married soon! How exciting! Are you creating boards on pinterest? Wedding dress shopping? And are your parents driving you crazy with their guest list? Oh, lordy! Just thinking about all the things that you are thinking about makes me think about not thinking about that. But – none of it should be stressful! But – sadly, it is. To get your mind off wedding stuff, let’s talk about your upcoming bachelor/bachelorette party! Oh, yes! Now, this shall me fun, no?

Pick an activity
According to every bachelor article out there, you must absolutely pick an activity. Ask yourself the following: What would I like to do on your last “weekend” as a single specimen? Also remember, this is technically a great excuse to act foolish, irresponsible and reckless. In fact, crazy stories are expected! You’ll always have inside jokes with your friends about that one time during your bachelor/bachelorette party, and believe me, you don’t want to be the lame bachelor/bachelorette who sat in their room the entire night, pinteresting things. Naw.  You need to go out there and fabricate memories. It all comes down to what you want to do! Do you want to be super cliche and hit the strip club? Dine and wine with 5 of your close friends? Perhaps, ice cream with the girls? Forget, ice cream! How about going away? Go snorkeling to Puerto Rico! Visit one of the seven wonders! Go scuba diving to the Galapagos – because why not?!  Go paint balling, attend a boxing, or MMA fight. And remember, whatever activity you choose to perform, make sure it involves serious DANCE moves!

Choose a date, and begin sending out all those e-vites! It is important that you create a  facebook event three weeks in advance. But if you want to be more traditional, by all means, send out invitations through the mail. And remember, each invitee is responsible for the cost of the groom/bride.

That’s right! You read it right!

Party Favors
Before you go ahead and book hotel rooms, and all that jazz… consider getting party favors for the big night! Party favors turn a regular night out in town to a memorable event!

Custom wine – Because wine not? Create custom wine labels and glue them to your bottle with all your favorite sayings! Got $8.50 to spend? Purchase customized wine labels!  Drink wine in style with your very own custom wine!

Multicolored Party Leis – What better way of saying “JENNY IS GETTING MARRIED?” than by  having your friends wear multicolored leis? Plus, the wanna get “leid” joke doesn’t seem to go out style.

Funny/naughty headbands – This is the only time you can wear stupid headbands without having your grandmother give you funny looks. Want to wear boob headbands? By all means, go ahead!

Sunnies – Hella yes! Purchase 80’s shutter multicolored shades to dance the night away.

Personalized shot glasses – Best way to take tequila shots in style.

Customized party koozies – I will be a little biased when it comes to koozies because I love koozies! These are economical, fun, and you can personalize and customize them! Add funny sayings, inside jokes, funny photos, and more! Choose your favorite ink and koozie color…and voila! Success!





Collapsible Fabric
collapsible fabric
Collapsible Neoprene
collapsible neoprene
Zipper Neoprene
zipper neoprene
Foam Koozie
foam koozie
Zip-Up Fabric
zip up fabric
Water Bottle Koozies
Photograph Bottle Koozies
Photograph Can Koozies
Novelty Koozies