Holiday Season is here!

I just realized, that holiday season is upon us! Holy Macaroni! With Thanks Giving right around the corner, and Christmas rapidly approaching, we are looking at 2 months of feasting! That’s right! I know most of you will be eating everything you see. From turkeys, to cookies… and everything in between! Will we accumulate fat in all the wrong places? Absolutely! Don’t worry thou, by the time January comes along, we will sign up to Golds Gym, and -hopefully- lose it all. Fingers crossed. As most of us know, Thanks Giving is an excuse to stuff our mouths with delicious homemade recipes! This is the only time of the year when Auntie Pearl bakes her delicious strawberry cake.  Not only that… but it is the only weekend we spend with our extended family members, and see cousin Rob and meet his new girlfriend, Susan. Some of us will graduate the kids table and be initiated in the adult world!  Get ready to discuss topics such as: Ebola, your love life, and the whole “what are you doing with your life?” business. Aunt Ruth will deliberately give you an unnecessary speech about the course of your life, ugh.

To hide the awkwardness you can do the following:

1. Get drunk 




2. Nod



3. Smile





I suggest you come prepared with interesting stories! In fact, come prepared with funny  koozies to ease the awkwardness. Turn an awkward moment into a memorable event by customizing your koozies.

IMAGE HERE. ********

All in all, Holiday season is a great time to catch up on movies we have seen a million times! It is the time of the year when we can shameless watch the entire Harry Potter series, again. No questions asked.  And, of course, cuddle with our puppies by the fireplace! Ahh!  Also, it is the perfect time to throw parties and finally see all the people we have been avoiding in the past 7 years. It is the time to have mini high school reunions and talk to our long – lost forgotten friends.

When thinking about planning for a bash, get your koozies with us! Turn a an awkward moment into a fun-memorable- memory!

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