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Novelty Koozies

Hello! Welcome to Koozie Products 101 – this mini lesson covers basic information of the field of koozies. Learn about the main styles within the world of kuzis! Let’s get started, shall we?

Collapsible Fabric –  Best seller! Perfect for screen printing, sublimation or heat transfer.  Fits in in your pocket, never leave home without it! This classic koozie is our most economical style, perfect giveaway for any event! Take this style on the go! Fits 12 oz. cans and easily slips in your purse, fanny pack, glove compartment…you name it!

Collapsible Neoprene – Built of high quality wetsuit material, this beauty is classy, and will keep you drinking in style! Not only that – but you will give your drink premium insulation. The stretchy scuba-like material makes it a nice surface to print on, soft as a baby’s butt! A great fit for a 12 oz. can, and long neck bottles!  Foldable  and classy, can’t go wrong!

Hard Foam–  Often referred to as the “classic”.  What is not to love? These koolies stand-alone! They are a great option for outdoor activities and event promotions. Perfect accessories for those hot summer pool days!

Zip-Up Fabric – Folds flat and fits the average glass bottle. You can put it in your pocket, purse, and more! Fits 12 oz, long necks. Keeps your drinks frosty for a long, long time!  A great option for outdoor activities!

Zipper Neoprene – By far our most “sleek” coozie, here at CMK! This beauty is  elegant and comes with a classy ring zipper. Perfect option for a wedding favor and a welcome addition to any bachelor/bachelorette party.

Water Bottle  –  Stay hydrated in style! Never, ever, ever lose your water bottle again! The handy clip makes toting bottles a breeze! An excellent choice for fundraising, company giveaways, birthday parties! Best part – water bottle coozies fit water bottles, glass bottles, even baby bottles!

Novelty Koozies – Match your personality with our awesome novelty coozies! These beauties are fun, funky, and will keep your guests entertained! They are great for tailgating events, sports parties, and much more! Here at CMK, we believe in having fun. Lots and lots of it! Our Novelty Koozies are exactly that, FUN and economical. Keep them for indoor and outdoor festivities! Our products are practical, fun, interesting and guaranteed to keep your drink cold! What is your favorite style? Check out our designlab!

Collapsible Fabric
collapsible fabric
Collapsible Neoprene
collapsible neoprene
Zipper Neoprene
zipper neoprene
Foam Koozie
foam koozie
Zip-Up Fabric
zip up fabric
Water Bottle Koozies
Photograph Bottle Koozies
Photograph Can Koozies
Novelty Koozies